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What is the Biology Major?

At the University of Florida the Biology Major is offered collaboratively by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS).  Students specialize by selecting one of seven tracks designed to prepare them for careers in medicine (Preprofessional), life sciences research, private industry, agriculture, government service, and education.  The Preprofessional track is offered by both CALS and CLAS.  The remaining five tracks are specific to a college.  Please click on the “Tracks & Careerstab above to go directly to the tracks.

There is a very important benefit to students resulting from the collaboration between the two colleges.  Biology Preprofessional students may choose from over 100 additional life science electives to enrich their education.  The breadth of courses is truly amazing!  Courses range from microbiological to wildlife ecology; from animal diseases to human diseases; and from agricultural to native habitats.

Undergraduate research is an important component of the education of our Biology majors.  Students have access to research mentors from across the University including those in CALS, CLAS, Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Medicine.  Students can receive upper-level course credits for properly approved research projects. See more information regarding research under the “Do Research” tab.

All Biology majors receive guidance from professional biology academic advisers beginning their freshman year.  The Office of Health and Legal Professions Advising (OHLPA) prepares students for application to medical, dental, veterinary, and other professional schools.  Students also utilize the Career Resource Center (CRC) for guidance in finding a job in their chosen careers.