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Note: Academic advisers for students are not located in the Biology Major Office. Students begin advisement by contacting their academic advisers that are stationed either in Farrior Hall (CLAS students) or McCarty Hall (CALS students). For academic advisement please click on the Advising tab or here.

Please send Biology Major email to the following address:

The Biology Major Office is located at 214 Bartram Hall.

              Program Assistant: Andrea L. Smith | | (352) 273-0116

              Assistant Director and Undergraduate Coordinator: Teresa Mutahi | | (352) 273-0115

              Director: Kelly Rice | | (352) 392-1192

Biology Major Executive Committee:

The Biology Major Executive Committee reviews and implements all Biology courses and experiences that the major has to offer. The Committee is comprised of: A director, six faculty members, the Dean of each college, the Biology Major Undergraduate Coordinator, and advisers from each college. The current 2017-2018 members are listed below.

Committee Member Position Department College
Rice, Kelly

(Committee Chair)

Assistant Professor Horticultural Sciences CALS
Mutahi, Teresa


Lecturer and Assistant Director UF Biology Major Biology CLAS
Gerlach, Nicole Lecturer and Biology Department Undergraduate Coordinator Biology CLAS
Gillooly, Jamie Associate Professor Biology CLAS
Dale,Adam Professor Entomology and Nematology CALS
Inglett, Patrick Associate Professor and Director UF Biology Major Soil & Water Science CALS
Baer, Charlie Associate Professor Biology CLAS
Harfe, Brian


Professor and Associate Dean CLAS CLAS
 Brendemuhl, Joel


Professor and Associate Dean CALS CALS