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Tracks & Careers

Students often have a passion that drives their selection of a college major.  Even within a major students may have a preferred interest in a sub-discipline.  The seven tracks within the Biology Major allow students to investigate the major in relation to their passion whether health related, teaching, research, government service, or private sector employment.  Click on one of the tabs to the left under “Tracks within the Major” to investigate a particular track.

For students and parents who desire a more in-depth analysis of the sub-disciplines in biology please click on one of the tabs to the left  under “Disciplines within Biology“.

Students and their parents often ask “What can you do with a biology degree?”  The options are many ranging from private sector or government employment, and entrance into professional or graduate schools.  To assist you in making this decision click on one of the tabs to the left under “Utilizing Your Biology Degree” to investigate employment related information.