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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get undergraduate research course I took in another department to count towards my 12 credit additional life science electives requirement?

It is possible that your Undergraduate Coordinator (UGC) ( will be able to substitute the research course for BSC 4910 “Beginning Mentored Research”.  The research will need to have been life science oriented in which you were an active participant and you will need to fulfill the final report requirement of BSC 4910.  Please email the Biology Major Undergraduate Coordinator ( topic of your research, your role, and a copy of the final report. Upon receipt of these materials your UGC should be able to do the substitution.

Why can’t I register myself for undergraduate research?

Academic departments control the registration for undergraduate research, usually requiring that the student submit a registration request form that contains the signature of the faculty member supervising the student’s research.  Students can determine which courses are departmentally controlled by observing the term “DEPT” is the Section Number column of the Schedule of Classes.

Why do departments control registration for undergraduate research?

Departments control registration in order to insure that there exists a formal agreement between the student and her/his research faculty member regarding the research and the submission of a final grade.