Honors Thesis Submission Form

Biology majors who are submitting an Honors thesis for High or Highest Honors designations must submit an Honors Theses Submission Form along with their thesis. Click the Honors Thesis Submission Form link to access the form.

UF Biology Major Undergraduate Travel for Presentation Award Application

Biology majors in either CALS or CLAS that are traveling to present research at a professional venue may qualify for up to $250 of support from the major.  Please download and submit the completed application in person to Ms. Andrea Smith in 214 Bartram Hall.  Contact with questions.

Closed Section Form

Seniors planning to graduate may use the Closed Section form to request a seat in PCB 4723C.  Academic Advising reserves seats for graduating seniors who need PCB 4723C in order to be certified for graduation.  Closed Section forms will not be accepted until all open seats in PCB 4723C have been filled.  Please hand deliver the form to 214 Bartram Hall.

BSC 4910 & 4912 Registration Form

Students who have arranged an undergraduate research activity with a faculty mentor should use this form to request registration into the course.  Students cannot register themselves.  A one-page proposal is required and both the student and mentor must sign the form.  At the conclusion of the semester your mentor will submit your grade for BSC 4910 or 4912 to Ms. Andrea Smith ( as soon as possible after the semester ends.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their mentor submits the grade. Note that a final report is required before your grade in BSC 4910 or 4912 can be posted. Failure to submit an approved final report will result in your grade not being posted.

Using Courses Other Than BSC 4910 & 4912 for Undergraduate Research

If your mentor requests that you register for a non-BSC undergraduate research course (e.g. BMS 4905, etc.) you will need to obtain the correct form from someone in your mentor’s department or college and register for the non-BSC course through their approved process. Your grade for the non-BSC course will be submitted by your mentor to the Program Assistant in her/his department or college who will then post the grade.  In order for your non-BSC course to be picked up by the ISIS audit you must request that the UF Biology Major Undergraduate Coordinator ( approve the substitution.  You must submit an approved final report (please see below) before the substitution is done.

BSC 4910 & 4912 Final Report

The BSC 4910 & 4912 Final Report form contains guidance on composing your report and can be used by students who registered for non-BSC courses requesting substitutions.  The form along with the final report are submitted to the Biology Major office (