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Utilizing Your Biology Degree

There are three options for newly graduated students with B. S. degrees in Biology.  Students may immediately begin a career in the private or government sectors, enroll in a professional school, or enroll in a graduate school. The links below will take you to the most current employment outlook and statistics for many careers.

Begin a Career

Students who seek employment after graduation and do not immediately plan to enter professional or graduate schools may begin a career in occupations similar to those listed below.

Attend Health Related Professional Schools

Students who seek a career in a health-related field should continue their education in the appropriate professional school.  The links below show the employment outlook for selected health professions.  In addition, the links with abbreviations will take you to professional organizations.

Attend Graduate School

Students who seek to manage private industry or government research labs, discover new drugs, do science research, and/or teach in colleges and universities should continue their education in a graduate school.  The following are some of the careers that require graduate degrees.

Note: Many of the following professions do not require a graduate degree for entry-level positions.